Chilled to the bone

Psychanum Synopsis

Shortly after his 16th birthday, Alex Saturn falls into a mysterious comatose. His consciousness drifted off into another realm, where he was empowered by the inequilibrium of strange energy there. Awakened as a new man and gifted with new wisdom and unnatural powers, he discovers his uncanny manifestations. He knows how to freeze people in their tracks with the power of ice, set foes ablaze with flames, read minds, heal even the most grievous of wounds, and more. 

With these new powers, Alex called himself Caerus and set out to show off his powers by fighting crime. His image of a small town superhero soon explodes into a national phenomena, as authorities and the media take note of Alex’s accomplishments. Soon, he was fighting heinous crimes committed by a persona by the alias of the Prince of Pleasure.

After thwarting an assassination on the president’s life and the rape of the president’s wife, he was granted presidential pardon for vigilantism. The Prince of Pleasure was locked away for now.

With great approval and fame, he finally revealed his identity to the public.  

Many had thought that Caerus was an angel, a ghost, an apparition, but no one had thought of a 16 year old boy as the superhero. Alex called himself a sorcerer, and decided to do more than just deter crime. With the power to shape and manipulate organic molecules and metabolism at a godly level, he single-handedly stopped world hunger country by country, as entire lands grew abundant with vegetation and food. The environment was restored completely by the power of sorcery.

However popular and loved Alex the sorcerer was, there was growing concern that Alex or Caerus, as he was still called, was becoming too powerful. That there was much room for abuse. A shocking announcement by Alex that he senses the same power he wields within many of the younger generation makes sorcery an even more alarming development. Alex began to mentor his friends that had the potential to become sorcerers as well. Meanwhile, his envious and religious brother who lacks the power and potential Alex has, leads the large faction that opposes sorcery. Calling it demonic, ungodly, and selfish, a massive and colossal division becomes even more polarized as the world debated whether such massive power should be taught or even used. 

Alex had always promoted sorcery as a type of science, something that can be experimented with and analyzed with constants. To encourage the teaching of sorcery, he established an institution for it, dubbed New Alexandria, the city of sorcery. 

On a more personal level, Alex’s beloved, Natalia, ever since 7th grade became more intrigued by Alex’s powers. Before his rise to fame, Alex had been considered a strange person by his peers. He was alienated and ignored for much of his life. He  wishes that he was social, but lacks the skills to engage in most social activities. However, his weakness due to the way his brain was wired turns out to be a strength because Alex’s brain was more attuned to the chaotic, and entropic energies of the other realm. The media was very acute, and caught their celebrity being closer to Natalia than anyone else. And she too, soon became famous, much to her embarrassment. 

Not everyone is happy despite the utopia the greatest sorcerer in the world has created. As more and more sorcerers were being trained, the older generation had enough of the practice that they see as disturbing and ritualistic. 

As civil strife threatens from the sorcery controversy, even families began to feud over the issue. And now family was more split than the Saturn family. The UN has declared a convention once and for all that will answer the most important question of the era: should sorcery be allowed? Led by his very own brother, the opposing faction, who now calls themselves the Witch-hunters, make their arguments about abuse of power and the destruction that can be incited by one individual. They claim that even nuclear weaponry could not match sorcery, to which Alex testified was true. Alex and his elites sorcerers including Natalia, were next to make their arguments for the case of sorcery. They claimed that the human race was evolving and that there was no way to stop sorcery because of that evolution. Humanity needed to train itself in the art and science of sorcery to prevent itself from being a danger to itself. The final argument that was made by the sorcerers was that sorcery was an opportunity for utopia. Alex used Plato’s allegory of the cave to say that the realm where they get their powers from is the higher state of reality than the one the five senses feel, that there is something greater than the perpetual twilight that the world find itself in. Despite the setting and mood of the convention-turned-trial, there was standing applause for Alex’s last argument. 

All the UN members voted and drafted a compromise: that destructive sorcery is no longer permitted, only sorcery that betters mankind will be allowed. Both sides agreed to the deal, known as the Treaty of Sorcery, though the witch-hunters wanted complete abolishment. 

By far, the most abundant type of sorcerers at this point were the life-shapers, sorcerers who specialize in manipulating organic molecules and metabolism. They used this magic to great effect, from resurrecting the dead to making people look beautiful. However, the freedom granted by the treaty allowed a small branch of the life-shapers to conduct abyssal deep research into the arcane. They learned to  literally drain the life out of organisms and put them in other objects to make them alive. Slowly, this form of manipulating life turned into what other sorcerers objected as necromancy. New Alexandria knew that the world would certainly object to necromancy, so they put an immediate ban on it. However, the sorcerers just continued the research in secret in Antarctica and the Artic. 

This secrecy continued until a widely publicized incident happened. One of the initiates channeled too much power into himself and exploded. There is a limit to how much ethereal energy a body can take before reaching its limit. Only Alex has no limit to the power he can store in his body. The explosion killed the surrounding initiates and horrifyingly mutated the ones that survived. An investigating team from the UN was first to make the discovery. Most were killed by the now mindless mutants. The survivors made their report back to the UN. 

Instant outrage from both the sorcerers and Witch-hunters erupted, and the conflict between psychics and non-psychics renewed itself. A combined coalition of UN peacekeepers and sorcerers were dispatched to take out the risen necromancer faction calling themselves Preservers of Life. 

The war was horrifying on both sorcerer and non-sorcerer, as both watched their friends and families being raised from the dead and forced to fight them. For a time, the magic controversy put itself aside to stop the necromancers. The war ended when Alex himself stepped into the war. Using a spell that required too much power for a normal person to wield, he turned all the rotten, walking corpses into the living again, and the coalition destroyed the necromancy operations in Antarctica before moving to the Artic, where they met the greatest resistance.

The war was known as the Necromantic War, and as soon as it ended, flames of dispute were set ablaze once again, and another compromise was quickly made. Because of the success of the coalition of sorcerers and non-sorcerers, a permanent force of elite magic-users and non-magic elite military personnel, led by the faction of sorcerers known as the Paladins, was created to enforce the Treaty and stop rogue sorcerers. While Life-shapers wield control over anything organic, Paladins controls photons. Most Paladins consists of religious people who were discovered to have psychic powers like Alex. 

As the older generation that lacked powers began to retire and lose political control, the psychic generation reformed their native countries and the UN to be more lenient towards psychics. Soon, the policies of the Treaty of Sorcery became more lax, and the Witch-hunters became a minority just as racism began to diminish eventually after the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Alex, now 21 years of age, heads the UN itself, and becomes the youngest person to do so. By now, the UN and New Alexandria have joined together. His ambitions now sail through the stars, and he makes his announcement to explore and claim the universe for mankind. 

The announcement was met with great approval, and people who wanted a new start on life from all over the world were teleported in great numbers to settle other planets. The planets were beautifully created, and were even called paradise worlds. 

Aliens were discovered and alliances were formed, adding to the already impressive technological advances of the now newly-formed Human Alliance. 

The exploration and peaceful conquering continued under the direct supervision of Alex. By now, he and Natalia had married and conceived a child, a daughter. And all races known to mankind rejoiced, because they knew that Alex was the epitome and pinnacle of just about everything that they valued, acceptance, love, peace, and more. Everyone expected the heir to the greatest sorcerer in the universe to be just as good, if not, better.

Alex and Natalia taught their daughter as best as they could, and she grew up as a powerful sorceress helping her father in continuing to build the Universal Alliance.

The entire universe was at peace until the alien race, known as Nemesis, was discovered. The Nemesis were a race of highly technological aliens that had control over an entire galaxy, and they did not like the thought of even allying with the humans. Thinking themselves as superior, the Nemesis rejected the generous terms of peace and alliance from the humans, and waged war. It quickly merely a few years for the entire Universal Alliance to prove that they were more than what the Nemesis can handle.

After peace was made with the Nemesis, Alex decided that it was time to let his now grown up daughter to lead the Space Expansion, as it was called. 

So Alex left his daughter to lead the entire operation, while he returned to earth. The daughter felt abandoned that her father, who had been with her on the operation, all her life, has left her to go back to earth.

The entire universe was shocked, but none were as shocked as the humans when they made the miraculous discovery on a planet labeled Dawnfall 12-E. When Alex’s daughter and some accompanying sorcerers made their way through the jungle, they found primitive, and entirely psychically talented humans already living there. Although primitive, they already knew magic and how to use it. In fact, it seems that they even knew magic before earth humans. These native humans were deemed to be shamans because of their primitive society.

Through psychic means, the Alex’s daughter was able to communicate with the mind of a woman shaman. During the meeting of minds, the two women hugged and cried like two sisters who met each other for the first time. The shaman introduced the daughter and the sorcerers to their tribe. 

The daughter learned a few psychic techniques through the tribe, but the most earth-breaking fact was that there was actually life living in the realm from where magic-users draw their energy from. The realm was full of unyielding energy that could support sentient and non-sentient life forms. Some were powerful, but most were weak. 

The tribe showed a vision to Alex’s daughter before she and the sorcerers left the planet. In the vision, she witnessed herself being the most powerful sorceress in the universe. Her closest friend and adviser, a sorceress, also saw the vision. She knew that if Alex’s daughter became the top sorceress, she would also gain more power. 

Alex’s daughter contacted her parents, and they announced the discovery of native humans living in the system of Dawnfall.

Intrigued by the discovery, Alex returned to Space Expansion. He was greeted with great approval by the entire operation. Alex’s daughter was greatly jealous at the praise her father received. She had taken control of much of the Expansion, but he was getting all the credit. 

As her father was becoming more controlling of the Space Expansion again, despite returning to earth for mysterious reasons, the daughter’s best friend, slowly turned and subverted her against her parents. She said that the only way the vision would come true would be if her parents stop being so controlling. 

Making a shocking decision to return back to Dawnfall 12-E, the daughter found the shaman that she first met again, and they begin talking to each other again. The shaman told her that the vision had changed again, and that only her parents would be in power, forever. Shocked and enraged that her heir to the most powerful sorceress was taken away from her, she talked to the shaman. The shaman told her that the beings of the realm were in fact giving them the visions. The vision was changing because the beings that were being influenced by the discovery of humans in Dawnfall 12-E in the real world were reinterpreting their view of the events that take place in the future. The discovery had changed the fate of the universe, so the ancient vision was changed as well. Foretelling the future and precognition was a power that the Universal Alliance had never been able to develop in its short lifespan, so Alex’s daughter had returned to the shamans for advice. 

The shamans gave her lessons about the role of children in comparison to their parents. Children were suppose to replace their parents; they don’t stay as children forever. It was unnatural for her parents to stay controlling forever and live forever. The shamans warned that her parents would become more and more controlling culminating in the revised vision that she saw. Her parents needed to die in order for change, the fundamental reason that psychic powers work as they do, to happen. The realm from where magic-users draw power from relied on change. The swirling currents of energy in that realm was constantly changing, and that change was a reflection of the change in the real world, because Alex first wielded magic. But, if the position of the most powerful magic-user in the universe does not change hands, then fate may always stay the same. If fate does not change much, then the energies in the other realm will return to normal, before Alex wielded magic. At normal levels, there will be insufficient energy for all humans to wield magic with. With some humans wielding magic, and others with no power at all, a dystopia would be created. There would be much inequality. An even bigger problem would be addiction to sorcery. So many people rely on sorcery for their livelihood that society would threaten to collapse without change. Alex’s daughter was able to quickly accept the arcane truth, and with encouragement of her closest friend, she decided to go down that course. She wanted her first vision to be realized; she did it to rebel against her increasingly controlling parents. Freedom from parents had to come with a price in blood.

She relayed what she knew with the rest of the expedition. The entire expedition was up in arms over the orders to kill Alex, the father of the Universal Alliance. Some suggested that Alex simply step down or commit suicide, but her rage, channeled and powered by magic consciously, over the change of vision, did not change the course.

She first, secretly killed everyone that she knew would not support her action. Then she returned to earth to visit her mother. Natalia was overjoyed to see her daughter, but her daughter walked up to her with a band of sorcerers, including her best friend, and killed her, and prevented her from being resurrected with a spell taught by the shamans. Her father was in shock and in grief over the news of the death of his wife. He had let his guard down, and now the entire Universal Alliance was in a civil war. 

While New Alexandria was under siege, Alex and his sorcerers teleported to his daughter’s base to confront her. Her daughter told him about everything she learned from the shamans, but Alex told her that they were lies. However, the vision and the reasoning behind it took priority, and she began attacking. Unable to bring himself to kill his own daughter or himself, he defended himself against her onslaught. Alex was mortally wounded before he finally realized that her daughter was gone forever, the daughter he knew in her was gone. So he finally brought all his willpower to the forefront and killed her in a magical blast instantly. The blast was so powerful and thorough that not even ash was left, the realm was even affected a little by the blast, and people within a vicinity also had a hard time remembering who Alex’s daughter was. Alex had been inflicted with the same type of magical wound that his wife also took. No sorcerer in the entire Universal Alliance could heal Alex. Alex was put in stasis to prevent death. The Separatists were eventually beaten by the Universal Alliance, and they teleported themselves to the other side of the universe, where Dawnfall 12-E lies. 

The conflict that could have destroyed the universe with all the energy used was over, but so was the utopia that Alex created. Aliens that sided with separatists stayed with them, and the aliens that sided with the Universal Alliance stayed with the Alliance.

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In other news, I am now a level 2 archery instructor. My certification will come in a few weeks.

Chapter 5 - Caerus, god of change

I’m in a writing mood today, so here is chapter 5, named after the greek god of change, or “fleeting moments”.


 Boom, clink. An empty shell dropped onto the floor. As the light from the teleportation cleared away, the figure saw that he was too late to stop the shot. The bullet raced towards the president, and plunged straight towards his chest. Blood seeped through the suit as he tumbled backwards.

A dense cloud of fog appeared. The freezing fog collapsed onto the figure, then encased him in a thick armor of ice. Only the cape of the cloak flowed from the back of the armor.

Catching him by surprise, Caerus froze and jammed the gun with ice, disarming the bodyguard. Then blue fire alighted at the palm of his hand, and he hurled it at the now disarmed assassin. The fire exploded onto his opponent, and he changed to dust. With only a thought, the doors were coated with a thick layer of ice, turning it into a wall of ice.

With the doors shut, Caerus turned his attention to the mortally wounded President Heinburg.

"Who are you?", he feebly asked.

"You will know me as Caerus", he responded in an icy voice.

"Just stay still, and I will use my psychic power over organic matter to cure your wounds by psychically boosting cellular mitosis to an optimal recovery speed", Caerus explained.

"But first." The bullet then dislodged itself from the president’s vital organs and slowly edged itself out.

"What’s going on in there? Is he dead yet?", the sources of the voices coming from outside the door are pounding on the door.

"There are more of them after you", warned Caerus, as he continue to use telekinesis to tug the bullet out of the body.

"Thank you for your help."

With the bullet out, Caerus focused his mind on speeding up recovery to the wounded parts of the president’s body. The bleeding stopped as veins and arteries were psychically sealed up. Blood finally stop pumping and spurting out of open wounds. The wounds too, were starting to seal up on their own.

"I’ve got to get you out of here."

 Caerus caused the doors to explode outwards as ice shards flew in an outwards direction, impaling anyone who stood in the way. A few of the assassins were left standing because of their bullet proof protection, but the others were unlucky enough to be hit in the head. They open fire on Caerus and the president, however, Caerus has erected a telekinetic shield to stop the bullets. The bullets were stopped dead in their tracks by the invisible shield protecting Caerus and the president. The assassins were shocked, confused, and even dazed by the unusual defense, so one of them lobbed a grenade while bullets continued to fly. Caerus erected a wall of ice to block off the grenade. The explosion did not even chip the wall of solid ice. The wall then exploded towards the assassins’ direction. To add another attack, Caerus casted a long bolt of lightning towards the few assassin guards remaining. The shards took one of the guards out, while the lightning shocked the other guards to death.

As they made their way to the exit, both of them were cut off by more former bodyguards. Instead of rinsing and repeating, Caerus transformed them all into harmless ants, and used his psychic power to sow terror into their minds. As the ants scattered, both of them made it past the exit.

"I temporarily turned them into ants. They’ll be fine."

As they both exited the office, they were confronted by more forces, this time, more heavily armed.

"Put your hands in the air, and step away from the president!", yelled one of them from a megaphone.

"The rest is up to you." Caerus whispered.

And he vanished in a flash of icy, blue light.

Three things I realized while deeply thinking in the shower like I usually do:

1. God betrayed Jesus. He totally used him for self-aggrandizement or self-promotion. Jesus dedicated his whole life to promoting God and gaining him followers. He did everything God told him to, from helping the poor to advocating peace. And what did God do for poor Jesus? He allowed him to be agonizingly nailed to a cross. And poor Jesus worshipped God until the very end. It should make you wonder if your reward for worshipping God is truly Heaven.

2. The relation between the God and his followers is the relation between the elephant and the 3 blind men. One man is the Christian, the other a Jew, and the last one a Muslim. All three interpret a piece of God, but none know the whole God him/herself. In order to know God fully, all three must accept and listen to each other.

3. If Christians want to censor violence in the media, they should start with the bible. There aren’t many things more gruesome than being nailed to a cross. The story of Noah’s ark is one of genocide: God sent a giant flood that caused the death of all people on earth. False prophets were stoned to death. Homosexuals were stoned to death.

Chapter 4 - In the Nick of Time

It’s been a while since I last wrote chapter 3, but I’ve said before that I write as I please. As usual, to read the other chapters, look up Psychanum on my blog.

As a person of randomness, change, and hope, this story will not be as you predict, I promise.


It has been weeks since the Prince of Pleasure made news, and the terror continues. He has now stormed the ranks of the FBI most wanted, and a nation-wide manhunt commenced. The reward is utterly unfathomable to any and all senses of man and woman. Women have been warned to not be alone at all times.

Despite all this news, the Prince of Pleasure operates a safe distance away from Alex, several cities away, and Alex’s mind is preoccupied by another disturbing vision.

It bites, scratches, screams in his mind; so much so that it becomes impossible for any man let alone a teenager to ignore. Such was the level of disturbance. In his dream, the president would be assassinated.

Alex spent days wondering what to do. How could such a dream be so powerful? Could it be true? It was true that they did not win the wine festival, but could that be a coincidence? Or was it really related to the dream?

He had no time to dwell on whether or not it was true. If it was true, then the president’s life is in great danger. But how would a teenager warn the president that he would be killed? Warning others would be useless; they would never listen. He would be labeled as insane.

He would have to take matters into his own hands.

Days had passed, and this was the day that the assassination would take place. At precisely 12:43 pm, east coast time, the president is in peril.

President Heinberg was never a well liked during his term, as with almost all presidents during their term.

He walked towards the window with a cup of coffee wondering what to do about the current recession.

A knock on the door interrupted his train of thought. Upon opening the door, he discovered that it was his bodyguard.

"Good morning sir. I have something I would like to talk to you about", greeted the bodyguard.

"Um, sure", responded the president.

As they sat down, the president asked what he would like to discuss as a distant figured watched them.

Before the guard even spoke, he drew out his gun and aimed it straight at the president’s head.

"This is for allowing interracial marriage and for supporting fags!", he viciously yelled.

But, in the split-second he pulled the trigger, a blue light flashed into the room.

And a cloaked figure teleported into the room…

Chapter 3 - Prince of Pleasure

Sorry for the delay of this chapter, but I’ve been busy with school. I write as I please, time permitting. As usual, look for the other chapters of Psychanum by searching my tumblr.


Everybody knew that Alex liked Natalia, even a few teachers knew too. But nobody could figure out why he liked her. Not even Alex himself knows why. There was no cause nor was there any reason to like her at all. She has never been kind to him, she has never greeted him, she never really talked with him, and she never wanted anything having to do with him. But to be fair, she never really knew him either, and all of a sudden it was revealed to her by a Facebook note that he liked her, almost fanatically. He looked up to her; almost even worshipped her. In fact, had his common sense not intervened, he really would have done just that. But perhaps, it truly was love. Loving someone without any reason or cause is perhaps the purest and truest form of love one can possibly have. He loved her for the sake of loving her, and that was it: no reason, no cause, just love.

Alex took shooting glances at his beloved, sitting on the other side of the classroom, diagonal to her, while listening to Mrs. Martinez speak.

"Ahora, vamos a aprender el subjuntivo…", was all Alex heard. He was too preoccupied with thoughts of talking to her, nothing more. He pondered and wondered how he would approach her and what to say once he started talking to her.

After formulating a plan, he drifted off, half asleep in class. However, Mrs. Martinez had forgotten something

"Pero, primero, tenemos un cumpleaños, Alex. Tienes diece seis años?"


"Puedes manejar?"


After the brief acknowledgement of his birthday, Alex returned to his seat, and continued to drift off to sleep. Some students took notice of it. So did Mrs. Martinez, but she decided to turn a blind-eye to it.

The bell finally rang, and as the cool air flowed from the door opening as students streamed out of the class, Alex began to regain consciousness.

As lunch began, he thoughtfully walked to his friend, Maria Life, thinking about executing his over-thought plan of meeting with Natalia. He saw the her black hair flowing through the air like water in a river as she turned her head to address Alex. He told her of his plan to meet her.

"No, don’t go. She’ll think of you as a creep", she implored.

"That’s all the more reason to go. I’ll clear things up. It’s a diplomatic mission."

Alex felt that the “diplomatic mission” would not go as planned, and deep down inside, he felt a worrying feeling welling up within him.

"It won’t work, Alex. You know that too. You’ll just make things worse."

"We’ll see."

"Happy Birthday, by the way!"


He remembered the words of one of his best friends, Victor Ivanov.

"Confidence is everything, Alex."

He exerted confidence with every step as if it was enough to make the ground tremble. But with every step he took, the confidence he had was sapped from him slowly. His body flew into flight or fight mode, and panic slowly ensued within him.

Suddenly, his vision grew completely blurry, and it was as if he was in another world. That world mixed with the real world, creating a very illusionary vision. Small arcs of lightning darted around his field of vision, and he felt a control over them.  At that moment, it was as if he could wield the strange powers his entire life. Next, streams of fire swirled and circled around his sight. And he felt he could manipulate that too. Finally, his sight become utterly distorted, as if the background and scenery of his setting was projected onto a pool of water, and a whirlpool tore through it. Alex again felt he could control, twist, and distort the fabric of reality. Energy continued to flow from the other world onto his mind, bombarding it harshly. Unable to take the feed of information and energy, Alex blacked out.

He woke up with an immense headache a few minutes later with people surrounding him, concerned.

"Are you alright?", asked Ms. Liskei with frightened looks on her face.

"I’m fine", was all Alex said.

As the crowd of people began to depart, Maria and Victor rushed to their friend’s side.

"Alex, you were in a crazy seizure", Victor said.

"Do you need to go to the nurse’s office?", Ms. Liskei interrupted.

"No, thanks", Alex responded as he dusted his pants.

"Tell us if you need anything," Maria said.

"Ok, I just need some time for myself."

And with that, Alex walked briskly away from everyone back into the building. There was something in his mind that told him he wasn’t the same after that “seizure”. His mind told him that there were powers unnatural to this world that he can wield. Alex was unable to believe himself, and thought he was going crazy.

It was after school, and Alex had driven home. AOL had an article listed that Alex was reading. It was about a serial rapist and pimp…

…The Prince of Pleasure

Fitness Photographer Marries Teen He's Accused of Molesting

At first, this seems awfully ridiculous, until I realized that the girl he was accused of “molesting” actually consented to sex. They were simply a couple between a 15 year old and a 31 year old.

Here’s what I think. It’s a disgusting idea for a girl to sleep with someone twice her age, but we should not enforce our moral standards on two people who may or may not be a successful couple in the future. Our perception of couples with disproportionate ages is utterly shaped because society says it’s bad.

I just don’t feel like it’s a case of molestation when it’s consented under full consciousness.

Chapter 2 - Enter, Natalia

I think if I was to rate this story, it would be for 18+ because there will be a lot of…stuff later in the story. As usual, for the other content of psychanum, just type in psychanum on tumblr.


The sun began to set, and the grey sky of dusk began to loom over the trees of the house. By this time, only rays of dim, orange sunlight peered through the window. Shadows slowly crept from the trees, and the birds sang their last songs for the day. Day is dying, and the night is being born. The reincarnation of night and the death of day symbolized the end of an era and a new beginning for mankind. Whether this beginning is an ominous dusk or a hopeful day is still to be seen.

"Dinnertime", his father yelled. Alex’s father was always impatient about people attending dinner. It was one of his pet peeves to wait for people at the table. Yet, the influence of sleep was too strong for Alex to overcome. For a nap, it sure was a long time - a couple hours in fact. And the dreams he had were no less strong.

As Alex slowly came to his senses, he forgot his dreams. All he could remember in his dream was that he would not win the wine contest from the wine festival. He vaguely remembered that there were two things: one awed him and the other terrified him. But other than that, everything dried up, leaving no other trace of his dreams.

"ALEX, DINNER NOW!", his father roared.

Alex was shaken out of his memory recalling and walked to the kitchen table. He could see that everyone was present eating crab linguine.

As he slipped the smooth and creamy crab linguine into his mouth, his mother asked, “So how’s the progress on the wine you’ve been making? Too bad they don’t let you drink it.”

"It’s going ok, I guess. We’re using genes taken from the best grapes of Italy to make the wine. We’ll use enzymes to speed up the fermentation process", Alex responded.

"I don’t think you’ll win the money, but okay", she sarcastically remarked.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence", he replied.

Facebook was the most common medium by which Alex communicated with his friends. It was easily the number one distraction from doing his homework.

"Hey", he typed.

"Hey", Lana replied. "So, it’s going to be your birthday soon?"

"Yep, but you don’t have to say happy birthday just yet. And no, I’m not getting anything nice at all."

"That sucks", she said.

At that instance, Alex had an epiphany over what she will say, and, all of a sudden, he felt compelled to respond to his thoughts.

"If you’re wondering, I do know that you’re about to say that we won’t win the wine festival."

"Ha, ha, how did you know that I was going to say that?", she tried to hide her surprise.

"I just do. And if we believe in dreams, then we will because I had a dream about that. Although, it could just become a self-fulfilling prophecy."


Paragon high school has a name well suited for itself. It and its rival high schools received high funding for a public school, and hence could afford to hire the best teachers, and fund school projects and experiments normally reserved for colleges. Students and parents alike fought hard to prove themselves worthy of getting in the school. The mascot of the school was someone that virtually everyone wanted to be: the professional.

It’s science and math classes were exceptional, and the foreign language classes were no less impressive. Alex was always happy to be in Spanish class, but not because they were excellent, but because there is someone special for Alex in spanish class. 

Alex looked up and saw that special someone.

Enter Natalia Deyoung.

Chapter 1 - Ripple in the pond

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 ”Evolution is not a change in one individual, but a change in a population. When one trait is successful, that individual is more likely to live and thrive in its habitat. The virtue of the fact that it is more successful in its habitat makes the organism more available as a mate. And mating spreads the gene around. Key to helping the organism thrive in its habitat is adaptation. Being able to change to fit the environment makes the organism more likely to survive, and hence pass its genes to its offspring. The genes that are passed down contain the mutations necessary to survive in the said environment”, Mr. Hudson paused and looked around.

He walked over to a certain student who is nodding off, half sleeping in class.

"Natural selection, as you know from your readings, gets rid of those organisms that are unfit for the environment, such as this class", he gave the desk leg a solid kick.

Alex Saturn was shocked back into reality. And a few giggles and snickers could be heard in the class. “What was I saying about evolution, Alex?”

As his vision returned to normal, he responded, “Being able to change is important to survival.”

"Being able to change WITH the environment is important to survival", corrected Mr.Hudson.

"Today, you will all get a chance to induce evolution in this class. Your test today, as you all know, is to genetically modify a gene sample that we got from grapes of Italy. All of you will try to ferment it into the best wine for the wine festival. The winner of the festival not only gets extra credit, but wins two thousand dollars. So get splicing!", an exuberant Mr. Hudson announced.

The whole class began shifting towards the back of the class to begin their tests. Mr. Hudson circulated around the class monitoring the progress of the high school students.

"Alex, get over here!", yelled Lana Harper. The sleep deprived Alex stumbled his way through the aisle of students diligently focused on their projects.

"Ok, let’s get started", said Alex. "We have to implant gene A into plasmid B, then inject plasmid B into the grape cell to see what we get. This will obviously take a few days to do," Alex looked expectantly at Lana.

"What?, you’re the smart one", Lana replied.

"Sorry, I’m late guys. I had to use the bathroom after I talked to my boyfriend", apologized Jessie Cauldron.

"It’s totally ok. Now let’s get started", Alex said nonchalantly. "You two can get the petri dishes and the pipettes. I’m getting the gene sample and the plasmid vector."

The three of them worked on creating the perfect wine for the next hour before class was dismissed.

"We still can’t find the perfect gene to insert into the vector, but we’re at least getting something done, ha ha", Alex laughed it off.

"So we’re going to be ok, right?", asked Jessie.

"It’s cool", said Lana as the class began filing out of the room.

The three said their goodbyes before leaving school. Alex was relieved that school was over. It always felt good after the suffering ended.

After driving back to his house, he settled into the comfy executive chair in front of his computer, and began perusing through Facebook. As he was scrolling through the newsfeed of the social network, a thought intruded the sanctum of his mind.

"If evolution is a change within a population, what has changed physiologically about us? How have we adapted to our urban life? How will we change in the future?", he thought.

Alex set aside those questions for now, and climbed onto his bed. As sleep took over his mind, a disturbing dream took over his mind…

As if to answer his questions, one drop of water caused a ripple in a still pond. A mixture of horror and amazement contorted and pervaded his facial expressions…at what he saw in his dream.

Prelude: Psychanum

It is the year 2020, and humanity is on the brink of its next evolutionary stage and a new era. No longer is survival a concern for the majority of humankind. War has become a relic of the past. With peace in reign, mankind can afford to explore and make new scientific discoveries. Less emphasis on primal instincts and survival in an age of peace is compensated by increased use of both sides of the cerebral cortex. Unbeknownst to man, the brain has its own agenda, altering its abilities and functions to adapt to its increased usage… 

Two days hence, it will be Alex Saturn’s sixteenth birthday, and the young man is about to experience a manifestation that will change the course of humanity and usher in a new age forever.

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